Stop The Jobs Tax

This morning I received the following email from the San Diego Realtors Association:

The San Diego Jobs Coalition led by former Mayor Jerry Sanders urgently need the help of REALTORSĀ® to help protect our local property values, local jobs and San Diego’s middle class. In November, the City Council enacted a 500% to 900% tax increase, known as the “linkage fee” or “Jobs Tax” which targets real estate to pay for subsidized housing.

The Job Tax:

  • Intentionally lowers the value of San Diego’s real estate
  • Punishes small businesses that are expanding to create more jobs and improve their properties
  • Reduces the supply of good jobs that help make homeownership achievable
  • Raises the cost for local health care clinics and private universities to grow and meet San Diego’s needs
  • Acts as a “zombie tax” because it increases automatically year after year – without any review or approval by elected officials

We only have until January 23 to collect 34,000 valid signatures. Once we do, the City Council will have to rescind the “jobs tax” increase or put the issue before the voters in June of 2014. Visit SDAR’s Kearny Mesa Kearny Mesa Service Center or other convenient locations to sign the petition today and put the “Jobs Tax” on the ballot.

Although the above email is addressed to Realtors, this is NOT a Realtor only issue as it affects everyone in San Diego County. You can find more information on this “Jobs Tax” on the Coalition’s website here.

After reading the additional information on the Coalition’s website and you think that it negatively affects you and San Diego’s economy, you can find several San Diego locations to sign a petition against this “Jobs Tax” here.

Remember the deadline to sign a petition is January 23rd, less than 2 weeks away!