Remodeling Costs vs Resale Return of Investment

Here’s a look at the remodeling projects with the greatest and least return of investment when selling your home in 2017. Typically, the 29 projects on this year’s report paid back an average of 64.3 CENTS on the dollar in resale value.

Remodeling Costs Return of Investment [Infographic] -

Top 5 projects with the greatest ROI in the “upscale” cost category: Top 5 projects with the lowest ROI in the “upscale” cost category:
Garage door replacement: 85% Major kitchen remodel: 61.9%
Entry door replacement (Fiberglass): 77.8% Master suit addition: 59.9%
Window replacement (Vinyl): 72.9% Bathroom remodel: 59.1%
Window replacement (Wood): 73% Bathroom addition: 57.1%
Grand Entrance (Fiberglass): 70.1% Deck addition (Composite): 56.4%