Most buyers when go online to search homes for sale first thing that they want to see are the ‘new” listings. While most websites offer such a feature, what you actually see are homes that have been listed during a 7-day period. For example if you go to any website that has that “New Home Listings in San Diego” feature the results that you’ll see range from 300 to 900, depending the neighborhoods that each website elects to show. That means that you have to browse through many pages of listings, many of you have already seen during the past days in order to find the ones that were actually “Just Listed” and you haven’t seen yet.

What we now offer here at Alexiou Realty besides that 7-day new listings page, is an ACTUAL “Just Listed” page that is updated as new San Diego homes for sale are entered into the database where you can find your home among the new listings as they come on the market.

So, do you want to see Just listed homes in San Diego? Find them here!